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Cialfo - Global college profile 

College profiles are a vital part of Cialfo platform. Basically, it represents all the information which is required for any student to get admission into that college.


We already had data for colleges but how to put them on single page was the biggest challenge, we had 9 major aspects which we want to show on college profile

  • Redesign the entire data

  • Create proper hierarchy  

  • College profile should represent that colleges

  • Add college related common element to represent that college 

  • Add extra navigation, which will work as independent navigation for college profiles

  • Take stakeholder interviews (student counselor), to understand their expectation

  • Do cart sorting exercise with student counselors to set information hierarchy in a better way.

  • Generate seamless layouts

  • To understand the user pain points, we talked to some students & student counselor. Their expectation was not very different than what we thought but some counselor asked us to add note section to college so they can add some extra information as per their requirement

  • Card sorting was fun, final score was eye-opening, they were least interested in student demographics and map :D

  • To show each aspect as per their hirarchy I worked a lot on wireframes, I used to create at least 5 best layouts for that information and to finalize it we used to make list of pros & cons

  • We tried to use all possible data and while developing each wireframe I got better sense to filter it out

  • Cover Photo - We decided to add picture & brief in cover so each profile will get lit texture from that college

  • Extra Navigation - We added tertiary navigation, so we can show extra major & ranks, and mentor can add personal notes

  • Box layout - We kept simple box layout to show more data seamlessly and to balance visual resemblance 

  • We had very fewer pictures of colleges.

  • Fact points for US & UK college were different and for rest of college, we had no data.

  • Rugg's recommended majors was limited for US College.

  • We decided to use pattern for bg till we get rest of pictures for all colleges.

  • We added tooltip for some facts to explain what that ratio or score means.

  • For US we showed recommended majors where for rest of countries we kept popular majors ranking.

  • Students gave amazing response for college profiles.

  • Now Cialfo's college profile is a trustable source and it plays important role in college shortlist process.

  • Initially, we started with US-UK colleges soon we added 16 more countries.

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