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Cialfo - B2C website

Cialfo B2C site is to explain Cialfo services and what is to be part of top-notch consultancy in Singapore 

  • To introduce Cialfo services

  • Gather students & parents attention

  • Generate more leads & viewer should think of Cialfo as valuable resource  

  • Separate pages for US & UK Application because at this stage we consult for this countries only.  

  • Testimonials & add previously admitted student details

  • Explain how we are different than normal consultancy

  • Add more resources channel to get more leads (e.g - profile building, college shortlisting etc)

  • Site is live and viewership is increased

  • We succeed it delivering mobile 1st experience

  • We are getting more enquires than before 

Please check Live site & Prototype

Home Page

US Application Page

Interview Preparation - Internal Page


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