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Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange is the India's's first and largest currency exchange app that lets you find and exchange foreign currency at the best rates. You can check real time rates to buy and sell more than 20 types of currency in 75 city across India


The client had an offline setup where he has many branches across India to exchange currency. But he wanted to develop an android app and connect his setup to bring more customers. He also wanted to start home delivery option via this app.

  • Real-time currency rates - user can check real-time currency rates (buy and sell) without any registration

  • Registration – Standard registration process, capture basic information, including a valid ID proof for verification

  • Place Order - View live rates, Place New Order, Refer Friends

  • Track Order - Manage/ track and view ongoing/ past orders

  • Reminder - Add reminder for specific rates to buy or sell currency

  • Pick Up / home delivery - user can pick up his currency from nearest office OR select home delivery service

  • Confirmation notification and generate receipt

  • Client was involved from a very initial stage as they don't want any extra functions or miss their priority so we decided to work together on wireframes.

  • I initiated with stakeholder interviews, to understand the target audience. The next step was storyboarding followed by user-testing. A test prototype was sent to 10-12 users from different backgrounds; who provided their feedback. Based on the feedback from testing and from their experience, multiple designs were created for the app.

  • A client wanted app icon which represents currency exchange mainly for India so we did many iterations on that.

Dashboard Patterns
  • All major functionalities suppose to be on the dashboard so we decided to focus on dashboard design and after shortlisted this 4 design we took feedback from many people and result was bit shocking they selected the least expected design.

  • I took the feedback positively and maintain the same pattern for rest of screens

This design got selected

Here are some screens of the final design. There is not so much because it's more about iterating different states and crafting interaction experience.

The result is amazing, the app is live now and user giving great response to this app

  • 40,000 + download

  • Thousands of successful transactions

  • 4.6 Rating with some really great experience comments

  • Available in 75 cities with 213 locations

  • Soon will start working on currency exchange 2.0 

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