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Conferr is a business center booking management platform and application. They are India’s first marketplace that lists all business centers in top hotels in the country. Conferr offers customer convenience and ease of booking the best business rooms for all their meeting needs.


With Initial meeting and calls with client, we finalize the functionalities of application together, the way business head think are commendable. They think on the grid of practicality which was learning experience for me 

  • User can select property and type – ability to select a property as per requirement and convenience

  • Map – location services based mapping feature

  • Check Availability – present only available options as per maintained in the database

  • Book Now / Booking Process – Define a booking workflow process

  • Payment – integrate with payment gateway or have the ability to pay in cash

  • Confirmation / Receipt – generate a QR code based receipt, which can be scanned at the business center to grant access to the business center

  • Notification (SMS & Email) – integration with notification gateway to provide notifications based on pre-defined rules

  • Registration – Standard registration process, capture basic information, including a valid ID proof for verification

  • Booking Management – This function will display all the bookings current and past and necessary actions can be taken if required for editing the booking

  • Cancel/Change – define cancellation/change policy

  • Login – Standard login services with pre-defined parameters for password authentication

  • Additional Services – Define additional services like the Internet, Projector, Printing services to name a few

  • Feedback – Customer to provide feedback on the property, with a basic feedback consisting of 5-star ratings with a comment option before he/she does the next booking

  • With several meeting and calls, we had really strong inputs to start with. After some brainstorming sessions, I was very clear about architecture. At this point, we've dealt with UX stage and moved on to designing stage. In this project the key part was exclusively based on designing, since the architecture of the app was pretty clear; it was all about the details in UI and interaction.

  • With the proper planning, we were able to confidently move into creating wireframes for the app. We took the decision to focus more on the functionality and structure of the app, but the client wanted to show it to the investor so we went for high-fidelity wireframes with all possible detail. Ultimately, we could add design elements in later, what was important for our users, was that the product (above all) was clear and simple.

Problem - We had no prior data for hotel rating & reviews

Constraints - Even if we start from scratch it will take time to get unbiased ratings & review

Solution - So we decided to use Tripadvisor API for rating purpose and it will also help us to reach more people via their site


If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.

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